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Yellow Capital
Crypto Trading Software

The Yellow Fintech Software team has actively developed software to trade cryptocurrencies algorithmically on major crypto exchanges since 2013.

Currently, our crypto trading software systems are successfully integrated and trading on over 20 major cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

Yellow Crypto Trading Software Highlights

●    The crypto trading system runs 24/7 and trading activities are monitored by integrated notification systems secured on the cloud.

●     Our DevOps teams monitor and supervise all integrations with crypto exchange platforms.

●    Our development team does ongoing research and system updates to make sure your requirements are not just met, but exceeded.

Yellow Trading Services

Please note -- the Yellow Trading services are offered only to the projects powered by Yellow Incubator.

Algorithmic Trading Systems


Smart, automated, efficient liquidation of tokens. We help our incubated projects so they don't have to trade their crypto assets manually on fragile, illiquid markets.

Market Making Solutions


Crypto market-making software systems to provide liquidity on both sides of new or immature crypto markets.

Yellow Network

Yellow has acquired and merged with Openware, a leading Blockchain infrastructure development company, to pursue the creation of Yellow Network -- an unprecedented Layer-3 cross-chain P2P financial information exchange (FIX) network to connect crypto liquidity worldwide using state channel technology.

Openware's blockchain development team is a welcome addition to Yellow Software's portfolio, significantly empowering both companies' crypto tech expertise and blockchain product reach.

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