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Yellow Coworking
Premium shared office space in the heart of Chiang Mai

Yellow is a coworking hub and Web3 startup incubator located in the thriving city of Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Southeast Asia's notorious startup hub. The space is a blockchain-savvy ecosystem and community with a collaborative network of professionals.

Yellow Coworking offers shared and private office spaces, meeting rooms, event areas, soundproof Skype booths, YouTube streaming rooms, recreational zones, and other co-working facilities for digital nomads, remote workers, and roaming IT expats.


The ideal hi-tech base for a digital nomad


Collaboration, shared knowledge, decentralization, transparency, equality, and freedom are some of the values we apprize.

Vibrant and luminous, Yellow Connect is the ideal place to base your startup or have your remote teams work together when joining forces to advance your project.


The city of Chiang Mai provides all the necessities and is an excellent standard of quality living at a low cost, making it the ideal place to work while your project is in its initial stage or when you simply need a safe place to be inspired.

Yellow Connect is also a home of Yellow Incubator & Venture Capital. If you are an entrepreneur and have a cool Web3 or Blockchain project coming up, make sure to reach out to the Yellow Incubator team and meet face-to-face at Yellow Connect Coworking Hub.

State-of-the-art coworking space in Thailand

Yellow Connect has everything you can expect from a modern Google-style state-of-the-art coworking space:

  • 1,500 m² (16,000 sq ft) of coworking space, with varied working and recreational areas to choose from.

  • 24/7 access to the facility with the membership access card.

  • COVID-proof and compliant, with touchless sensors and sanitation utilities available.

  • High-speed Internet, because we know how important is Internet access for your work.

  • English-speaking staff, trained to provide the highest standard service to our customers. 

  • The Yellow Café, serving cold and hot drinks, snacks, and our unique award-winning Yellow Coffee Blend to delight even the most demanding coffee gourmets.

  • International power sockets everywhere, to keep you focused when you're in the zone.

  • Sound-proof Skype booths to keep your conversations private and noiseless.

  • Fully equipped Youtube room, ready for filming and streaming your awesome video content.

  • Meeting rooms, for your important business appointments.

  • Air conditioning, since the proper temperature is a key aspect when it comes to high performance. 

  • LG PuriCare™ 360º top-of-the-line Air Purifiers, 'cause we breathe between 17,000 and 30,000 times per day, and we want you to breathe pure fresh air.

  • Private lockers, to keep your stuff so you can move around weightless. 

  • Shower, so you can come to work directly after that intensive gym session.

  • A lush garden, to maximize your inspiration. 

  • Event area, fresh outdoor space with top-notch equipment to present the coolest projects. 

  • Blockchain and crypto-savvy community, so you can meet people like you.

  • Yellow Connect Weekends event every weekend in the outdoor area to relax after work, enjoy food and drink, and meet new friends.

Yellow Connect Photo Gallery

Yellow Connect Coworking Hub is located in Nimman neighborhood in the heart of the city and the trendiest area of Chiang Mai. This quarter offers all types of accommodations to best match your needs, from luxury hotels to budget rooms.  Lots of cafes and a wide variety of restaurants serving both traditional Thai food and great international cuisine and of course plenty of shopping. Its vibrant nightlife is equally something not to be missed if you enjoy live music or dancing to the latest beats.

The Rose of the North - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand's Chiang Mai is a land of smiles, temples, elephants, and happy people. It's the biggest city in Northern Thailand, about 700 km from the capital Bangkok. Chiang Mai connects to the capital and to most major cities in Asia by regular daily flights. Also known as "The Rose of the North", it nestles in the Mae Ping River valley, in what is known as the Thai Highlands. An area characterized by its steep hill ranges, intermontane basins, and alluvial gorges. Chiang Mai is an ideal place for hiking. The weather in Chiang Mai tends to be cooler than in the rest of the country, with an average temperature of 25°C (77 °F) throughout the year. 


A peaceful, relaxed, and notably safe place, have made Chiang Mai a great destination for many ex-pat residents and tourists alike. Throughout the years, it has become a digital nomad's haven and notorious start-up and remote work hub of Southeast Asia. Professionals find all the services they require to thrive while savoring a great standard of life at a very low cost.

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