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Yellow Charity Foundation

We share our success with those in need through a registered non-profit charitable foundation in Thailand.

Social objectives of Yellow Foundation

Yellow Foundation focuses on high-impact investing where our contributions can be felt immediately and directly supervised by the Yellow team. Our social objectives are:

  • Sustainable development projects

  • Education

  • Enabling technology for charities

Yellow Foundation charity portfolio

We are happy to have given our support to the following charitable projects and foundations:

Baan Dek Foundation

In support of children growing up in slums and other disadvantaged communities.

Child’s Dream Foundation

We funded the construction of a school in Otaki, Cambodia.

Wildflower Home Foundation

A shelter for mothers and their children,  who have escaped violent and abusive households.

Baan Nong Kla School, Sisaket Province

Donations were made to the school to improve the support provided to students.

Joy to the World Thailand Foundation

Focusing on the prevention of human trafficking.

Nikki's Place Agape Home Foundation

Keeping a family together that has been impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Covid relief

Life support machines and medical staff.

Swimming and Water Safety for Children and Youth in Chiang Rai

Funded a project to build a swimming pool for children and teach them to swim due to the high rate of drowning accidents in the province.

English Education Support for Less Opportunity-Children and Youth in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Lamphun Communities (6 YMCA branches)

Project to teach English to unprivileged children.

Livelihood Development Project “Organic Agriculture & Environment Conservation for Sustainable Development”

Project to teach adults and youth farming skills.

For the 3 Gens - Education Center at Chiangrai YMCA (3-year project)

Project to connect 3 generations -- seniors, adults, and youth to share knowledge as they all have different perspectives and skill sets.

Personalized support for low-income family children

Support a 4-year-old child from a low-income family to have a proper education and live in a good environment where we hope she will bring the best value to her community in the future.

Personalized support for university students

Rocky is Burmese who came from a construction camp. We support Rocky in order to help him to be able to continue studying at Chiang Mai University where he wishes to graduate and back to help his community.

Apply for Yellow Foundation Grant

If you require charity assistance in Thailand or Southeast Asia or know someone who does, please submit a grant request to Yellow Foundation for a review.

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