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Yellow Capital
Crypto Market Making

Yellow Capital provides organic market growth strategies, including crypto market making, algorithmic trading, liquidity, token growth, crypto exchange listing, and more.

The team at Yellow Trading has experience in the crypto market-making field since 2013.

Algorithmic Trading Systems

Smart, automated, and efficient liquidation of tokens. We help our incubated projects so they don't have to trade their crypto assets manually on fragile, illiquid markets.

Crypto Market Making

We provide prime crypto market making systems to supply liquidity on both sides of cryptocurrency markets for consistent spreads and healthy order books.

Liquid Digital Assets

Scaling stable technology and proper risk management is essential to perform successful market-making and establish the liquidity of your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform.

High-Frequency Trading


Easy deployment of high-frequency trading strategies and adapting on the fly through modular and customizable algorithms and scripts.

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