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Yellow Media Kit

Yellow is a global ecosystem of blockchain products & services for Web3 Internet of Finance, providing startup seed funding, mentorship, advisory, data analytics, market making, and fintech software solutions.


Yellow also includes developer tools, services, and education programs worldwide for blockchain infrastructure developers and crypto brokerage businesses.

Please forward media inquiries to

You can download extra media materials here.

Brand Guidelines


Group 612.png
Group 612.png
Group 612.png
Group 612.png
Group 612.png

Logo. Color

Group 699.png
Group 700.png
Group 701.png

Logo. Black and white

Group 699 (1).png
Group 700 (1).png


Group 607.png
Clear space ✅

To ensure visibility, there should be a zone of clear space around the Yellow logo equal to or greater than the height of the Y in the logo text. Noting should appear within the clear space.

Group 609.png
Space around the logo ✅

Logo should always be given some breathing room. Preferably placement is on white, black or yellow backgrounds. If the logo need to be placed on a dark background, use the negative logo. 

Group 609 (1).png
My eyes! ❌
Group 610.png
That's just wrong... ❌
Group 609 (2).png
That's just unnecessary... ❌

DO NOT sit the logo on high contrast or vibrant colors.
Do not place the logo on colors and tones similar to the logos colors

DO NOT tilt, rotate, stretch, skew or
distort the logo in anyway. 

DO NOT add unnecessary embellishments like drop shadows, gradients, embossing etc. to the logo

Color Scheme

Colors. Screen


RGB 252 208 0

HEX #000000

RGB 0 0 0

HEX #333333

RGB 51 51 51

HEX #666666

RGB 102 102 102

HEX #999999

RGB 153 153 153

Colors. Print


CMYK 0 8 100 0


CMYK 63 62 59 94

PANTONE P 169-16

CMYK 43 36 41 60

PANTONE P 169-12

CMYK 43 36 41 30


CMYK 43 36 41 0

Typography Use

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 11.15 1.png
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